Video: Nigerian Woman Asked Her To Quit Losing Weight after seeing Her Sexy Salsa Instructor


A Nigerian man, Ayigbe James Bond, has shared the hilarious thing his wife did after she spotted him and his sexy Salsa Instructor during one of his classes.

Ayigbe in a tweet shared on his handle, said his wife had complained about his weight gain and asked him to do something about it. He decided to learn Salsa but his sexy Salsa teacher has come between him, his wife and his journey to losing weight.

“Wifey asked me to lose some weight, perhaps try some salsa.. She saw my salsa instructor and marched me straight home, plonked me in front of the TV with a crate of Guinness,and asked me to forget it!  Women are so indecisive. I just don’t gerrit” he wrote


He shared a video of himself and his sexy teacher. Watch below

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