How To Deliver A Sterling Phone Interview In 6 Hot Steps


So, you’re looking for a new job and you’ve made it to the step of a phone call with a Recruiter! That’s huge news as you’re through a few big hurdles in your job hunt already! Prepping for your search, knowing where to look and how, and getting your curriculum vitae to stand out enough for a Recruiter to choose you over the hundreds of resumes they get for one position, is massive! Kudos to you. Here are some tips to get you to the next round:

Ensure you have good communication during the actual scheduling of the call

This is actually the Recruiter’s very first impression of you! Make sure your communications (typically now done through email) are free of errors and polite. Remember, they’re talking to a million other candidates too. You should be prompt with responses, and easy to work with. It never hurts to show some gratitude for the opportunity to chat about the position and showcase some excitement as well. You’ll stand out this way!

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