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This Man Shot His Parents and Wife amidst Released Sextape with His Best Friend


A man, William Brian Stillwell, 39, allegedly shot his wife, Mona, and her parents after discovering her sex tape with his best friend.

Stillwell opened fire on the three family members in front of the couple’s five-year-old twins on New Year’s Day in Melbourne, Florida, US, reports Metro UK.

In a graphic 911 call believed to have been made by the wife, Stillwell was heard telling the twins that he loved them before shots were fired. The young children, a boy and a girl, can also be heard pleading with their dad to stop shooting their mother.

‘No, daddy. No. I don’t want anyone to die,’ one of the children said.

In the call, Stillwell can be heard accusing his wife of cheating on him.

Police claimed that Stillwell told them, that he had seen a video of his wife having sex with his best friend.

Stillwell called his wife some profanity-laced names, while he insisted that he saw her cheating on him with his best friend on a recorded video on her phone.’

All three adult victims are in the hospital are reportedly in stable condition.

The children were not harmed in the shooting. According to police, the children escaped the home and ran to a neighbour’s house for help.

“I don’t know how the (wife’s) father got involved, but he got shot,” said neighbour Phil McMahon. “He came over to my house, told me to call 911. He got shot in the hip, was bleeding.”

Stillwell’s wife and children had recently moved to her parents’ house after the couple separated last week.

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