The Realities Of The Situations

The Realities Of The Situations


Mao Tse Tung, or Mao Zedong, once said that “All political power comes at the point of a gun”. Well, I agree with him in a sense, but I would just like to change that a bit and say this: All real power comes with guts, effort, patience, understanding and tolerance. With that statement against all “conventional morality that does not work” I start this article. Think about the nature of genuine political power for a moment, though. What does it always end up depending on to be enforced? Guns and weapons, right? Anyone honest with themselves can say a big definitely to that. While real power over situations depends on what I just wrote about, the guts to ask and work for what you want, the effort to be consistent, the patience to do what is needed in a genuine way, the understanding to be tolerant of the consistency and effort to do what is needed, and the wisdom to be able to apply all that I said now in the right way.

However many elections, caucuses, laws or whatever, what does all political enforcement come down to, though? It comes down to initiatory force, guns, and iron fisted control. Every revolution in history comes down to this reality, especially when things fall and order cannot be easily kept through peaceful, reasonable means. It is like asking: In Rome, who was the weakest in the line of the Caesars? Or in Greece, did democracy work to stop its fall? War, weapons and chaos are hallmarks of politics, especially when things end up failing everyone. Genuine order and peace only come when everyone agrees really.

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Indeed, freedom only comes when things work smoothly and not at anytime else. It is a fact that we must think about deeply and meditate on at first in order to start our momentum toward real freedom. Freedom starts in the mind and ends in the mind, but it goes everywhere else in between while starting and ending in the mind. I mean, freedom does not start outside of us with laws, edicts, weapons, revolutions and wars. It starts inside of ourselves. It is a choice we make with our own souls. If you cannot admit that reality, well freedom is not happening in this life for you, same reality goes for everyone with consciousness, including me. Nobody “greater” can really set us free either. It all starts with a choice.

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