Dealing With Temporary Loss, And Ultimate Winning

Dealing With Temporary Loss, And Ultimate Winning


You know, we all have to serve something and somebody with genuine zeal to achieve something genuine. With that said, I begin this philosophical article. We all have a job operating an elevator that goes up and down consistently, but not owning or really controlling it. That elevator that does all that is called life, and we must live it to the best of our ability, going with the ebb, flow and everything else of it all. So, think about this deeply: We do not own the elevator of life, we just press the buttons and ride. Sometimes we make our destination perfectly, sometimes things happen wrong. But we cannot give up our patience, tolerance or understanding of how it all genuinely works, we must be faithful to it.

Yesterday, before I started writing this article, I was talking to a friend about my personal philosophy on the telephone as I have spoken to him about this issue many times in person and I was speaking in the vein I am writing in above in this way: The real meaning of faith is to be objectively patient, understanding and tolerant in all situations because life is like an elevator we press the buttons and ride on but do not genuinely own or rule. Sometimes it works, at other times we must work at it, press on and persist until we get it done. Either way though, reality comes down to how we take it, and how we live it.

Indeed, I do my best to weigh all sides of an issue and take sides only when genuinely justified honestly, right down to politics, religion and life itself. In my reality the good is having the character to do that, whatever the situation in an honest way even and especially when nobody is watching, judging or looking. Integrity, in my opinion is a public issue in a sense, but it is in my reality the most personal issue you or anyone can have in life. Integrity and reality go together anyway if you want to genuinely benefit yourself genuinely.

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As I was coming up with this article, I was thinking of the Bob Dylan song, “You Have Got To Serve Somebody”. In a sense, that is the truth and honest reality about the elevator of life, you have got to take a position or genuinely lose trying to be “neutral forever without standing for something”. When I think about reality, I think about that, because if you do not pick a floor and push a button on the elevator, you go nowhere. It is the same with life, existence and everything.

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